Garden Designers Lancashire

Garden Designers

Our professional team can offer you a complete garden service, from consultation & design through to installation. If you would like, we can also arrange professional maintenance for your garden.

One of our professional designers will come out to you & talk through your needs. At that meeting, we will not only walk around your garden but will also discuss in detail what you want from it & your likes & dislikes on everything from types of plants to colour schemes. This allows us to put together a summary of what you want & need from your new garden. We can give you advice about:

  • Making your garden easier to maintain.
  • Adding a new feature.
  • Preparing a garden ready for selling your house.
  • Dealing with problem areas.
  • Creating more colour, or seasonal interest.

We can also completely redesign your garden. We’ll give you some ideas & listen to your thoughts, & we have a varied portfolio of designs that might give you some inspiration too.

We use our knowledge of garden construction & maintenance to create designs with the client that are both practical & aesthetic to the individual home.

Alternatively, you may simply want to rejuvenate or replant an area of your garden. In this case, we will draw on our years of experience in garden restoration to help revitalise your garden.